Touching tribute: Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar turning into NHL star with late father in his heart

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Tomas Tatar WXYZ interview with Brad Galli

Tomas Tatar has emerged as a star in the NHL. He’s keeping his late father close to his heart with every goal. Watch Brad Galli’s report by clicking on this WXYZ link

Made in Michigan: Hockey coach takes Fast Hands invention global

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Made in Michigan: Hockey coach takes invention global. Brad Galli reports for WXYZ Detroit.

Made in Michigan: Beard Balm takes Detroit across the globe

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Beard Balm takes Detroit across the globe. Under the stairs at a Detroit warehouse, there’s a budding business dream — and lot of facial hair. It started two years ago when Jon Koller grew tired of his long beard becoming so itchy.

Now? That’s not a problem. Brad Galli reports on a product Made in Michigan.

Wolfgang Puck fueled by Detroit food movement

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Wolfgang Puck visits Detroit at least once a year. This time around, he cooked for Brad Galli and photographer John Ciolino. The meal: as good as advertised.

Jason Mraz farms in downtown Detroit before concert

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Jason Mraz has made a career for himself as a clean-cut musician. Hours before his Detroit concert, the Grammy Award winner got his hands dirty, farming in downtown Detroit. Brad Galli reports.

Kris Allen talks fatherhood and playing all over Michigan with Brad Galli

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Since Kris Allen won American Idol’s eighth season, the singer has released three albums, had a baby boy with his wife, and started a fund to help his fans adopt kids in need in Africa. WXYZ’s Brad Galli talks with Allen ahead of his October 30 performance at the Crofoot in Pontiac.

‘Batman v. Superman’ director Zack Snyder says more movies coming to Michigan

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Zack Snyder is the man pulling all the strings behind Warner Brothers’ superhero movies. That’s a good thing for Detroit, because the director loves the city. Brad Galli talks to Snyder in an exclusive interview for WXYZ Detroit.